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We are looking to collaborate with others to achieve common goals. ISRP is an inclusive, diverse, multidisciplinary professional society created to promote advocacy and provide education to those treating or interested in treating women with mental health disorders as it related to the reproductive system. We are focused on building an organization to promote the field of reproductive psychiatry and provide opportunities for those individuals to gain knowledge and expertise by joining resources that span the entirety of a woman’s lifespan and encompass all areas of a woman’s mental and emotional health and well-being. By partnering with others working in women’s mental health fields, we hope to create a network of professionals focused on providing expert specialty care to women struggling with mood disorders related to the female reproductive system. We envision ISRP as a bridging organization, bringing together sub specialty expertise spanning the entirety of a woman’s reproductive lifespan beginning with puberty and including PMDD, PMAD, sexual health, disordered eating, the menopausal transition, and much more!

This section outlines our collaborative vision and opportunities to connect with others who share a passion for women’s mental health. ISRP is not looking to compete or replace the efforts of existing groups. Our vision is to provide a space for collaboration, a centralized “virtual” location, with a “specialist directory” educational resources, a members only online forum for consultation and to host an annual CME conference covering topics related to women’s mental health disorders across the reproductive lifespan.
Our mission is threefold; to promote advocacy, provide education and support collaboration. By working together we can efficiently make progress on common goals, increase awareness of the field of reproductive psychiatry and improve access to high quality, well-trained, mental health care specialists, including physicians trained in psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology and primary care; nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychotherapists and other clinicians.


By working together to advocate for women’s mental health issues, we can increase public awareness and continue to decrease stigma surrounding mental illness. We plan to ensure that women are appropriately represented in clinical science research and development. We will work to increase interest and investment in gender informed care, including female specific pharmacotherapy. In addition, one of our long-term goals will be to create an educational website to provide information directly to the public and potential patients. By creating this network, we can keep at risk women engaged in mental health care throughout their reproductive lifespan.


We recognize that we can’t all be experts at everything and believe collaboration is key to providing the most up to date and useful information for our members and the public. We would like to bring together sub specialty experts in a virtual space, allowing sister organizations to promote their group and provide high quality content related to their area of expertise.

Partnering with ISRP will allow sister organizations an “introduction” to members wishing to develop clinical skills in a sub specialty area. Members will access information and gain knowledge by participating in the sister organization’s conference and/or certification programs and engaging in online educational content.


We are beginning to recruit advisory board members with diversity in experience and expertise. We are seeking Advisory Board representation from organizations leading in their subspecialty area and interested in supporting the ISRP mission through collaboration.

Sister organizations will have an opportunity to:

  • Provide an Advisory board member to represent INSERT ORGANIZATION
  • Provide and/or review ISRP website content related to INSERT ORGANIZATION’S area of expertise
  • Provide links to INSERT ORGANIZATION’S websites, events, blog, and content
  • Use the ISRP logo and maintain a listing as a sister organization on ISRP marketing materials and website
  • Actively participate in annual conference planning and hosting:
  • Opportunity to recommend relevant topics and speakers for the annual ISRP conference
  • Opportunity to staff and provide promotional marketing materials at a table in the conference hall at no charge
  • Advisory board members will receive free conference registration and, if funding allows, reimbursement of certain travel expenses.

Please join us in supporting like-minded colleagues working in women’s mental health care. Our status as a non-profit, independent organization (not associated with academic institution) will facilitate progress towards common goals. We can act quickly and without the bureaucratic frustrations often encountered in larger organizations. We are aligning with others best representing their specialty area and interested in supporting the ISRP mission. We are a resourceful group of professionals and highly motivated to achieve our goals. Are you passionate about women’s mental health and interested in working with us to improve the field of reproductive psychiatry through education and collaboration? If so, please send your request for advisory board membership to [email protected]. We look forward to collaborating with you to reach common goals!