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ISRP was created to encourage advocacy, provide education and support collaboration. We are focused on building an organization to promote the field of reproductive psychiatry and to provide opportunities for members to gain knowledge and expertise by joining resources that span the entirety of a woman’s lifespan and encompass all areas of a woman’s mental and emotional health and well being. Our goal is to develop and support a strong network of medical providers to offer comprehensive healthcare for every stage of a woman’s life.




45% of people live in a country where this is less than 1 psychiatrist to serve 100,000 people.



Suicide is a global phenomenon. Close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds.



Depression is twice as common in women compared to men.

global disability
global disability

Depression is predicted to be the second leading cause of global disability burden by 2020.

1 in 5 raped
1 in 5 raped

At least one in five women suffer rape or attempted rape in their lifetime. Traumatic life events can predict depression.

3.8 billion Women
3.8 billion Women

There are approximately 3.8 billion females in the world. 10% of pregnant women worldwide experience a mental disorder.

required training
required training
In the United States training in reproductive psychiatry is not universally required.
Hormones fluctuate, your mental health shouldn’t.

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